Community  Leaders Support the Library!



"When I was a little boy I loved going to the children’s library for story hour. Our town’s library had a children’s room with sun filled windows and a big fireplace. It was the perfect place for the imagination to run free. The first book that I remember reading was 'The Cat in the Hat.'

At college, our library was surrounded by incredible nature. The library’s relationship with the forest created a sense of peace and quiet. The tranquil environment helped the mind relax, open and learn.   

At the Palm Springs Public Library, the fountain brings life into the space and inspires the mind.

Throughout my life, libraries have represented creativity, opportunity, and adventure.

Libraries matter because an open mind is a beautiful mind."

If you could read only one more book, which would you choose? "'The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success' by Deepak Chopra"

If the Palm Springs Public Library dedicated a shelf to you in the stacks, which books would be on it? "Anything by Maya Angelou."




"Libraries are a very important place for all of us. They are just as important as parks or places of social gathering.

It is the center of knowledge for each and every community. It’s where one goes when they want or have an idea and need to find out more. It’s different than doing your research on a computer or tablet because it really is like being IN the computer. It is where you can be most inspired to learn.

My earliest memory of the library was the school library, when I was in elementary school. I was very fascinated about so many things. The first book I remember reading is 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.'

Throughout my life, I have used libraries as places to study. When we travel, we frequently check out the libraries in other countries. To us, it is almost like visiting an historic church.

At the Palm Springs Public Library, I love the research area. Once, when I had a legal issue, I was able to find all the answers with the help of the friendly staff, and wrote my own legal document. I also used to check out movies for free!

Overall, this is what libraries have meant to me: curiosity, enjoyment, comfort."

If the Palm Springs Public Library dedicated a shelf to you in the stacks, which books would be on it? " Biographies."



"I remember going to the library regularly as a young girl and devouring books like 'Harriet the Spy,' 'From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler,' and 'A Wrinkle in Time,' to name a few. I particularly remember walking through the stacks and seeing all the spines and being thrilled at taking my two books home every week.

Throughout my life, I’ve made sure I had a public library card and I used the library at college regularly. It’s been both a place for me research and write as a student and to explore and enjoy for pleasure. As a young teacher, I don’t know what I would have done without the library.

Libraries represent escape, adventure, and joy.

They give us all access to the world. For me, growing up in a rural desert community, libraries opened my eyes to a world I might not otherwise have ever known existed. They gave me access to places like New York, London, and Africa, and to the ideas of yesterday and thoughts of the future.

Libraries today are the link for all people to history, creativity and amazing ideas. They provide access to information and knowledge that then sparks ideas and inventions, provide solace and comfort and create innovations and inspiration. 

Libraries matter greatly, in ensuring that we all - no matter where we live or what our experience - can tap into ideas that are bigger than ourselves and the experiences of humankind. Libraries improve and enhance our lives, no matter where we live." 



"Libraries matter. Books allow us to travel through time and space, experiencing past, present and in imagination future, lands, peoples, cultures and ideas. 

In a library, there is the freedom to choose your own information. It isn't chosen for you."